Tank Services

List of Tank Services
  • Tank Life Extension Program
  • API re-certification
  • Tank Inspections
  • Engineering & Design
  • Construction Management
  • Berm Assessments
  • Tank Conversions
  • Tank damage assessment and repair plans
  • Tank Strapping Table Calculations
Examples of Tank Services Executed
  • Floor and shell repairs, general maintenance
  • New floor, new IFR (Internal Floating Roof) seaI
  • IFR alterations and removals, new IFR
  • Experimental IFR leg modification
  • Addition of new nozzles
  • Slofec inspection of lined tank (using subcontractor)
  • Conversion to ethanol service
  • New mechanical shoe seal installation
  • Inspection and minor shell and nozzle repairs
  • Manage leaking tank and fallouts
  • New asphalt foundation
  • Out-of-service inspections
  • In-service inspections
  • Replace first course, floor, fixed roof, new nozzles
  • Fire damaged tank repairs
  • Convert from heavy oil to crude
  • Multiple API 653 tank inspection


Tank Program Experience
  • Multi-year full tank fleet program management to minimize total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the fleet
  • Tank fleet optimization
  • Risk based inspection
  • Component equipment strategy for TLE
  • Tank commissioning and decommissioning
  • Tank cleaning management and training
  • Tank operations troubleshooting
  • Tank failure assessment and root cause analysis
  • Advanced In-service Robotic inspections for TLE
  • Efficient and proven foundation designs and repairs
  • Fit for purpose construction contractor selection
  • Risk based work selection for TA including life cycle cost analysis of repair scope
  • Design and maintenance to comply with select industry standards; e.g. AQUA for aviation tanks
  • Best practices for tank cleaning and repairs; e.g. FRP or GRP removal, crude and HFO tank cleaning, etc.
  • Inspection and repairs SOW development
  • Analysis of tank historical data using statistical methods for TLE
Tank Inspection Expertise
  • API 650/651/652/653 Certification
  • In-house API 653 Certified Inspectors
  • API 510 inspectors and API RP 579 fitness for service and finite element analysis evaluations of non-compliant defects
  • Non-destructive testing certified inspectors available and SNT-TC-1A manual in place
  • NACE Cathodic Protection services providers
  • Turn key management services
  • Certification and reporting
  • Drone Assisted Tank Inspection
  • Floor Settlement Profile Assessment
  • Shell deformation out-of-round modeling and assessment