About Us

To provide engineering solutions and project execution strategies that meet your needs.

About us

VTEK views its clients as a true partnership and approaches each project to ensure it can be executed and operated safely. When our clients are successful, we are successful!

For over 20 years, VTEK’s diversified and talented work force has delivered an extensive list of EPCM services with passion and commitment. Our clients have and can benefit from this knowledge and experience to receive, fit for purpose, practical designs and engineering services.

We have a culture to deliver and a commitment to optimize designs by challenging each other to provide value and quality work for the benefit of our partnership with our clients.

We recognize and celebrate our successes as a team and promote a work-life balance to ensure we are healthy and have a health equilibrium between work and personal life. We focus on results not tasks or activities.

We take pride in our work to deliver thorough and quality work by being creative and innovative.

VTEK Advantages

  1. Safe Designs & Safe Execution
    1. "Zero Accident" HSSE Program;
    2. Stellar HSSE record;
    3. Social Responsibility Culture;
    4. Proven designs are safe to construct, operate and maintain.
  2. Extensive Industrial knowledge and best practices
    1. Safe, practical and functional designs;
    2. Consistent delivery and methodologies;
    3. Efficient and repeatable execution;
    4. Agile execution plans.
    5. Efficient and fit for purpose designs;
    6. Better designs, less rework and recycle time;
    7. Constructability and operational needs incorporated into the design
    8. Value engineering.
  3. Agile, Flexible and fit for purpose EPCM services
    1. Cost and schedule prudence;
    2. Reduce Owner costs;
    3. Eliminate non-value nice to have activities;
    4. Responsive to changes.
  4. Empowerment at local level
    1. Engagement and quick decision making with the terminal;
    2. High ownership leads to better services and products;
    3. Increase client care and pride.
  1. Local engineering with national strength (one stop service)
    1. Empowerment at the locale level: high Ownership and Engagement to deliver;
    2. Increased client care and pride;
    3. Service and responsiveness at the workface;
    4. Understand issues quicker by being present and engaged;
    5. Local presence to understand local issues;
    6. Translate the national and local experience into a practical fit for purpose design;
    7. 24/7 support;
    8. Bilingual services;
    9. National support to meet deliverables.
  2. Integrated engineering
    1. Seamless and functional design leads to less field construction costs;
    2. Reduce commissioning and start-up costs;
    3. Improve quality of work with fewer conflicts.
  3. Proven Project and Construction Management Team
    1. Safe execution;
    2. Teamwork "One team approach";
    3. Strong leadership leads to consistent, practical execution and delivery;
    4. Predictability in project costs and schedule;
    5. Efficient and effective execution;
    6. Control.