Hydrogen Technology

Relationships to H2 Industry

We identify, develop, deliver and integrate hydrogen assets.

  • Committed to pursuing and integrating hydrogen technology as a viable renewable energy source.
  • Signed Agreements with Hydrogen Technology providers
  • Current member of the World Hydrogen Leaders (WHL)
    • Accelerating the hydrogen transition through actionable insights and networking
    • Go-to knowledge and networking resource.
  • Local knowledge and access to industry stakeholders
  • Leverage existing skillsets to develop, design and build Hydrogen infrastructure.
  • Hydrogen Value Chain Engineering Services:
    • Production – Electrolysis, Partial Oxidation or Steam Methane Reforming (SMR)
    • Processing – Optimized solution for our customers requirements.
    • Storage & Distribution – Infrastructure design required to transport hydrogen to its destination or to store it until needed.
    • Applications - Powering the future with hydrogen (fuel stations, heating, manufacturing processes, etc.)

H2 Expertise & Experience

  • VTEK has in-depth working knowledge in the Hydrogen industry:
    • Sizing and specifying and creating mechanical equipment specifications;
    • H2 Compressors, Heat Transfer Equipment, Pressure Vessels and Piping Systems. Hydrotreater Towers
    • H2 production by Steam Reforming (SMR)
    • Hydrogen collection, storage and flaring at a Chlorine production plant
  • Lead a team that designed and built North America's:
    • first urban public hydrogen refueling station at the Canadian National Exhibition
    • first indoor industrial hydrogen refueling station at the GM Oshawa Car Plant
  • Completed a Process Validation for the Green Hydrogen patented Process
  • Designed onsite hydrogen generation and refueling stations as per industry standard codes and regulations (e.g. NFPA, ASME, CSA, ANSI, BNQ)
  • Applied for and obtained local authorities (ex. TSSA, ESA, fire marshal) approvals for systems installations.
  • Lead site system integration, commissioning, start-up and handover to client.
  • Developed hydrogen compression, storage and dispensing systems. This included process design, equipment specification and control narratives.
  • Developed computational tools for storage systems sizing, hydrogen dispensing management.